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Why online coaching is often better suited to the modern worker

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January 11, 2020

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There are two main points to this blog:
- 7 reasons why online coaching is often better suited to the modern worker
- A free gift from NeoCoach :)

7 reasons why online coaching is often better suited to the modern worker

In-person training has long been the norm but modern, busy workers may be better suited to having an online personal trainer to coach them.

Below I go through the questions I would use to evaluate whether I need an in-person personal trainer or an online one.

This comparison assumes a 3 month subscription to NeoCoach and an in-person personal trainer who delivers 1 session per week for 3 months at a middle of the range cost of €50 per hour.

Let's take a look.

1. Price

Key questions: How much will each option cost me?

€297 for 3 months - equivalent to €0.22c per hour of access
When we exclude the 8 hours you (hopefully) sleep each night, it works out at approximately €0.22c per hour of access (€297 divided by 16hrs a day*7days*12weeks).

Local Personal Trainer: €600 for 3 months - €17 per hour of access
Let's assume your coach spends 36 hours on you over the course of the 12 weeks, that works out at approximately €17 per hour of access you have (3 hours a week broken down into 1hr in-person coaching, 1hr programming for you and 1hr checking in to see how you are*12 weeks).

2. Expertise

Key questions: What expertise do I need and what expertise does my coach have? 

Our coaches all have areas of interest and expertise. For example, we have a Karate Sensei who specialises in self-defence or a coach who specialises in working with rugby and football players. Whatever your preference, you can choose one that suits you the best. If you can't decide we'll suggest a coach based on your personal preferences and goals!

Local Personal Trainer:
This will depend on the personal trainers employed in your local area and what you need. There'll be some good ones locally, but they're often at capacity. You might get lucky!

3. Flexibility

Key questions: Work and family life can sometimes be hectic, is there a way to work around that if something comes up?

Absolutely! This is what our daily check-ins and chat feature are built for. Just message your coach and they'll rearrange your training schedule on your phone based on what suits you. It's a relief not to have to worry about what to do if something comes up. Your coach will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Local Personal Trainer:
Make sure to give half a days notice as the PT may be working with someone. They may be able to respond sooner than that. The process will most likely be a message to say you're delayed, an adjustment to your program and an email follow up with the new program.

4. Accountability

Key questions: What kind of accountability is there in the two options?

Each day, your coach will check in with you to hear how things are going. If you've any issues, they'll address them for you there and then! Discover the power of accountability with the daily check-ins, they really are a game changer.

Local Personal Trainer:
It's very hard for an in-person personal trainer to offer 24/7 accountability because they're coaching people on the gym floor for the majority of the day. Even with the best will in the world, they'll message you in the evening to see how it's going.

5. Motivation

Key questions: I'd love to have someone to motivate me!?

Your coach will look after this for you. No more battling with motivation with our daily check-in and morning assessment. What happens if you don't have the energy to exercise today? Your coach already knows :) As part of our service you fill in a morning assessment of how you slept, how your energy is and a couple of other key signals. Our coaches will swoop in to help if you're feeling tired or unmotivated!

Local Personal Trainer:
Similar to the issues highlighted in the last section. If your coach is on the gym floor working with someone else, it'll can be difficult to give you much attention. They offer great motivation for your one to one in-person session each week, which can be very effective if you need it, but it's often too short.

6. Accessibility

Key questions: Do I have to travel to the gym to complete your program or can I continue my spinning classes in the local spin studio? I also play team sport, how does that work?

This fits in perfectly with Neo. Your coach will take into account what exercise you currently do and program you to fit around it or enhance your performances during it! Love Thursday morning spin classes with your friends? No problem, it's all fitted into your plan, Neo works with what you enjoy. Our coaches specifically love the challenge if you only have equipment at home to work with!

Local Personal Trainer:
Yes - a personal trainer will work around your schedule and fit in all of your training. They will most likely want you to work out in their gym though, as their programs will be most effective with that equipment. It has to be said that it isn't always the case, there are PTs that can program you to workout at home.

7. Extras

Key questions: Is there anything else thrown in extra?

Our coaches double up as your nutrition and lifestyle coach! They'll work with you to develop personalised nutrition plans and also help you set daily habit goals to make sure you're performing at your peak. We're also looking to build a community of like minded people, if that's something you're interested in then let's get involved!

Local Personal Trainer:
There will invariably be extras like a local training facebook group thrown in or access to a private community or classes in a gym depending on the specific trainer.

In Summary: Who should I go with?

The answer : It depends on what you need from your coach.

There are undoubtedly advantages to both sides. In-person trainers will ensure you complete the one session you go to each week. They'll be a great help to make sure you do exercises that you may not have done if someone wasn't there with you.

On the other hand, an online personal trainer offers all of the benefits of world renowned expertise, accountability, access and convenience right at your finger tips for a lower cost.

A gift from NeoCoach - 1 week free

I told you we'd give you a free gift...*

Come and check out our service for yourself! Especially if your daily schedule has you feeling overbooked and overwhelmed, someone's ready to have a chat!

We'll take the lead and give you the first week for free to help you start living purposefully, on your terms! Let’s go!

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