Personalized, 1-on-1 Expert Coaching

NeoCoach combines top-rated performance coaches with advanced technology to provide a truly unique coaching experience. Maintain healthy habits and achieve your fitness goals in ways you never thought possible, entirely tailored to you.

Personalized, Expert Coaching

NeoCoach combines top-rated performance coaches with advanced technology to provide a truly unique coaching experience. Maintain healthy habits and achieve your fitness goals in ways you never thought possible, as we completely adapt to your lifestyle and preferences.


The NeoCoach Way

You get paired 1-on-1 with an elite coach who helps you maintain healthy habits and achieve your goals. Your remote coach is proactively involved in your day to day life through chat and our mobile app.

What's Included?

NeoCoach manages your fitness for you, no matter your schedule, preferences and goals.
Pair with a coach of your choice who is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.
Have your questions answered via chat by your coach anytime, anywhere.
Get a custom plan tailored specifically to you, based on your goals, experience, schedule and equipment.
Receive bi-weekly progress reports and deep-dives into your performance
Curated recipes, bespoke meal plans and nutrition targets from your coach
Set, track and monitor habits with your coach, all through our mobile app
Daily guidance, motivation, and support, no matter what your week has in store
Your coach helps you set realistic, practical goals, with milestones and celebrations on the way
Questions answered by Forward doctors and a dedicated care team anytime, anywhere.
Have a trusted source in your corner who helps you navigate whatever life has in store
Detailed visual and audio guidance for a range of workout styles
Share your Strava, Fitbit or Garmin data with your coach for real-time insights

NeoCoach is Different

Traditionally when it comes to fitness, lots of people jump from one thing to another, never finding something that works sustainably in the long-run. Solutions are often inaccessible, inflexible to a busy life, and frankly boring. At NeoCoach, we share that frustration. So we set out to build something different: an entirely new way of delivering 1-on-1 online coaching, designed for busy people.
Flexible Membership
Traditional gyms and trainers lock-you in with joining fees and long-term memberships. NeoCoach's membership includes everything we do, keeping your costs with us predictable.
Coaches with Superpowers
We’ve designed an intelligent system to equip our coaches with new tools like remote monitoring, app-based guidance, and analytics to help them better serve you.
Shared Decision-Making
Our coaches are specialists in customer service, and form deep relationships with our members through time spent together, frequent two-way communication, and dialogue to create personalized plans.


NeoCoach memberships are €99/month. This one flat monthly fee gives you unlimited access to NeoCoach's coaching services and mobile app.

How does digital coaching work?

Your trainer is a real person who's on-call to support you. They'll text you often, build a new training plan for you each week, and respond in real-time as you need changes or have questions. Before joining NeoCoach, you'll schedule a Zoom call which will help you get to know your coach. Once your plan begins, you’ll hear from your trainer often via text message. You’ll also get video messages from your trainer regularly, and can of course schedule a call anytime.

What if I don't have a gym membership or a home gym?

No problem! Your trainer designs your custom workout plan specifically to suit your situation. Your workouts incorporate wherever you prefer to exercise and whatever equipment you have available to you — from being at home with no equipment, to being at a gym fully-stocked with the latest gear, and everwhere in-between. Your trainer can include outdoor runs and group fitness classes as well. The goal is to create a convenient and realistic training plan that you can stick to.

How will my coach track my progress and activity level?

As you follow along to the guidance provided by the app, your trainer will get detailed insights into your workouts and daily activity levels. If you use a wearable, you can also share this data with your coach for even more real-time information. With that data, your coach can constantly update your plan to reflect your progress, performance, and habits.

How does your cancellation policy work?

We want you to be completely satisfied with NeoCoach. You can try it risk-free for the first month, and we'll give you a full refund if you decide to cancel. After the first month, you can cancel at any time and we won't charge you again. If you are ever unsatisfied with our service, you can email and we'll be more than happy to make it right.

What sort of time commitment do I have to make?

NeoCoach is designed to fit into your schedule — not the other way around. Your coach will design your plan based on what's realistic for you and can make changes during the week to accommodate your busy life.

What if I have an injury or special needs?

If your medical professional has cleared you for exercise then working with a personal coach can be highly beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions and injuries. With NeoCoach, your coach will build your exercise routine to meet your specific needs. If you have any further specific questions, please email us at and we'll be more than happy to make it right.

Is NeoCoach available for iOS?

Yes! You can download the app from here.

Is NeoCoach available for Android?

Yes! You can download the app from here.

Where is NeoCoach available?

Right now, our coaches are located in time zones close to GMT. However, we have clients located all over the globe.

Is NeoCoach okay for beginners?

Absolutely! We cater to all experience levels.

How do I communicate with my coach?

You can message your coach anytime through chat or by email. You will get a response within 24 hours, and it's often much faster than that!

How often does my coach check-in on me?

Coaches adjust their communication schedules based on what works best for you. Most commonly, they formally heck in once per week with a detailed review of the previous week’s workouts, nutrition, and to give you specific recommendations for the week ahead, and check-in a few other times throughout the week.

How does my coach ensure I have correct form?

Having good form when working out is extremely important – both for injury prevention and for making good progress. To make sure your form is perfect, take videos periodically of your exercises and upload to the mobile app for your coach to review and provide feedback on.

How customized is my plan?

NeoCoach plans are 100% customized to each member’s lifestyle and goals. No two plans are the same.

Does your nutrition guidance accommodate specific diets?

Absolutely! Whether you’re gluten-free, keto, vegan, Whole30, or allergic to specific foods, we can customize your plan to fit your lifestyle.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

Member Reviews

A game changer when it comes to saving me time while feeling better than ever.

Neo provides the flexibility and accountability I need to push myself when it comes to exercising. Following along to online videos wasn't cutting it anymore. With my coaches help, I now have the consistency I've been looking for. I am feeling the benefits in increased strength, fitness and energy.

Suzanne D.

I’ve realised that I was never going to get the results I wanted training on my own.

The structure and accountability I’ve gotten from Neo has been exactly what I needed. The accountability that comes with Neo is a huge benefit for me, knowing that there is someone else who cares what I’m eating or if I do my workout helps me go the extra mile when I don’t feel like it.

Cian M.

Anything I need is just the touch of a button away.

I had just fixed an injury in my upper back when I started out with Neo. I was apprehensive about going back to training, but it has been made easy with the connection I have with my trainer and how the workouts have been specifically tailored to my needs. This stuff was always a hassle. Not anymore.

Louise N.

It has changed my life.

I've been working out for years but always had a busy schedule. I never considered a personal coach until I decided to get serious about workouts. Starting with Neo was a great choice.
It's easy to use, thanks to the app, personalised to my needs and just a great quality service. I feel looked after like a professional athlete.

Francesco P.

Finally, I've found a way to sustainably look after my health and fitness

Before joining Neo I would go through stages of looking after my health and fitness – but never consistently. Life gets in the way sometimes and motivation gets low! With Neo, I don’t need to worry about consistency or forming a strategy, it's all taken care of, no matter what life throws up, whether its work, an injury, or a pandemic!

Mateo C.

I've gotten such a boost after trying so many things that I never could stick with

Before joining Neo, I've tried almost every thing under the sun to try to shed a few pounds. Now I realise there is so much misinformation out there. My coach has guided me step-by-step with practical ways to build sustainable habits, while helping me to achieve my goals. I've never felt better.

Niamh W.

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